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Today we went to Laguna Verde and the Geyser fields. Got up at 4 IN THE MORNING!! Criminal. It was the longest day ever!

So yeah..early get up..was soo cold out too! a zillion layers on and we were ready and off to the Geyser was all dark. We arrived at 5.30ish and couldnt see a thing!It was soo so cold too. But after waiting a while, the sun came up and we could get out and take pictures. This was really incredible. You could see the mud bubbling out of the ground, snd the steam was so HOT! Very sulphery smell of course, too. Really was rather excited!

The sunrise made the surroudings look really beautiful.

Then off to the Hot spring..but id been to many before and really could not bring myself to remove my many layers and expose myself to the freezing cold wind! So I didnt...and just waited patiently for my breakfast which turned out the be Dulce de Leche and Pancakes and cereal...reallly nice!

Then off to Laguna Verde..another LAKE! ha..but really beautiful, and green, quite sad though as it was once so much bigger but due to global warming is rapidly decreasing in size!

So we were there for a bit, saw Laguna Blanco, and then travelled to the border, said our goodbyes and sorted out immigration, in the freezing cold wind!

Getting on the next bus, and getting over the border was like stepping into heaven! There were actual ROADS! With SIGNPOSTS and LINES! Was incredible. Knew we we're venturing into good things.

The further we got into chile the hotter it we were in a dessert. arriving into San Pedro de Atacama was amazing! Such a different town to anywhere I have ever been! Got dropped off straight at our hostel, which didnt have any dorm spaces, so we had to have a double room...for the same price. Perfect! So Chile gave us a very nice first impression!

We had a message from our tour guide for our next trip - to travel down to Santiago- to say he would pick us up to join the trip at 2pm! THAT DAY! There had been a mix up..and STA, saying it was possible to start our trip any day..was wrong. So we only just arrived in time to start our trip. And running on low too.

So in the one and half hours we had to spare, we walked into the ccentre to get some Chilean pesos.. And see the place. So pretty! People riding around on Bikes..had a really nice feel. Wish we had more time there..though it was very expensive!

So 2pm came around and we got on the bus, with a group of people who were on their final day of the tour, so wouldnt be with us the next day. But anyway..we went to this Lake whiuch was so salty you a tiny dead sea..and went for a swim in it. Was wicked! such an odd experience! Couldnt drown..hard to swim though. But getting out was so bad..drying part was fine..but you were so salty! tried to wash ourselves off as much as poss but still really white.

Then off to the Moon Valley, to do a little walk around the Salt mountains, and through these little cavey parts, then to a salt house which used to house some miners.

Next we went to walk up to the top of a hill to wait for the sun to set..was breathtaking! Such an amazing view..and for miles! It was all incredible, but I was so tired I just wanted the sodding thing to set! An incredible day though...saw so many amazing things.

Finally back to the Hostel just after 9, to cook our pasta, shower, then the long awaited BED!

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