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Well this was a bit of a nothing day really, the main objective was gettin from Hoi An to Saigon in one piece. Got up had a leisurely breakfast before Angie went over for a fitting of the dress she is having made, think the fitting went ok, I have very little interest in these things. Packed our bags, checked out and said our goodbyes to Sally and the girls at the Hai Au hotel, they really were the friendliest staff I have ever met at a hotel. Taxi to the station thyen the start of the epic 16 hour train journey. Queued up in the stiffling heat with hundreds of others in Da Nang station, the train pulled in and we were off running across the tracks, climbing up the stairs then off to our compartment. Unfortunately there were 6 Vietnamese in there swigging beer, I began to explain that there must be some mistake as 3 of them were sitting on my bed, luckily at the point they looked like they might get nasty the guard arrived and explained we were on the wrong train, this one was going to Hanoi, as we had already been there, we alighted with our tails between our legs. How stupid is that, they have about 12 trains a day through there and 2 at about the same time.

Anyway ten minutes later our train arrived and we boarded, sharing a compartment for the first 9 hours with Barbara and Kevin a couple from Oxfordshire. Chat to them for a while before we all get on our beds and settle down with our books and ipods. They alighted and a Vietnamese family with a young son got on they quickly settled down, lights out and we all tried to get some sleep. Only another 7 hours and it will be good morning Saigon, hope it is better than when we arrived in Hanoi.

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