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Baby iguana

Jasper and Roxy

Jasper with Roxy on shoulder

Shawn with baby iguanas

Another adventure we had in the jungle was to go to 2 ancient Mayan ruins, and a green iguana exhibit. Both Mayan ruins were smaller and different than the Tikal ruins. The ruins we saw in Belize have more plaza areas with tunnels than the Tikal pyramid structures. We climbed to the top of the high structures. It was neat to go above the trees and look down on the rest of the ruins.

The green iguana exhibit is a place where the staff raise iguanas so they are not so vulnerable in the wild. People hunt these iguanas for food, so they are in danger of becoming extinct. In the exhibit, an iguana called Gomez was calm enough for us to touch and take pictures with him. Another calm iguana, Roxy, was a small green iguana that we got to hold and place on our shoulders and heads.

There was an aggressive male iguana named George that when placed near Gomez, would start to panic and whip his tail and run away. Gomez is the dominant male of this group. Afterwords we went to see the baby iguanas which were small and gentle enough to put lots on us. These little guys were very cute!

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