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Just wanted to update you with some information about what we have been doing the past several days. Since we didn't know about this place ourselves, we thought we would just give you some information of what we have seen. We spent 3 days in Yreka, which is in northern California. Legend has it that a 1/4 mile of Yreka Creek is the richest gold strike in the U.S.A. Gold was discovered there in 1851. Today there is a huge display in the courthouse which is said to have all been mined in the Yreka area and is valued at over $2.5 million dollars. It is under heavy guard. While in Yreka, we toured many old homes that were build in the 1850's that are still being lived in today. We toured a museum filled with things from the gold rush era and from settlers, including an old covered wagon that they used for travel in the 1850's. We also drove through the Quartz valley where it is said that quartz is laying all over the ground. Yreka is in the heart of the Siskiyou Mountains and legend has it that there have been many sightings of "Big Foot" in this mountain range although we weren't able to spot him. A western movie is being filmed in the area now as have many other westerns.

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