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Last stop of the day was the mosque and bazaar.

The mosque kind of seemed derelict but its not, its used 5 times a day as you would expect. We’ve not heard any call to prayers here, but they tell us that there is. We weren’t allowed to enter the prayer hall which is fair enough. I looked but I didn’t take photos... one reason being that I completely flattened the battery at the warriors.

On the way back to the bus we had a little bit of time to shop. I have to say I’ve gone a bit silly today, but you only live once. I purchased a few beauteous things.... you’ll see them when I get home. There are still a couple of things I want, but they are only v small.

I go separated from David and Kevin in the bazaar and had a good few minutes panic when I though I’d gone the wrong way. I started back tracking when D&K appeared. I could have hugged them! Not nice thinking you are lost in the rain at night in an extremely busy Muslim market being a single white female, god knows where.. I didn’t even have my phone.

Anyway, alls well that ends well! The night wasn’t yet done. We arrived back to the hotel with dinner and a foot massage ahead of us. Additionally H & I had to send a box of stuff back to Ian. After dinner the courier person and Jason the guide came up here to the room and we packed the stuff into the box. The guy weighed it, it was 9.7 kgs give or take a kg.

So it cost us 1100 Yuan, almost 200 bucks, but we are pleased that it’s on its way back home. (Ian it will be there in approx 5 days.)

It was a bit tricky telling them I didn’t have 1100 Yuan on me... I thought I’d be able to pay by plastic... Helen saved the day. I hope she’s not charging interest by the day. I owe her 2 lots now. The first was the tipping money that I forgot to have in Aus currency and now 600 Yuan... about 100 au. That’s what you get for not studying the fine print!

Finally we scuttled off... no that’s wrong... scuttling sounds like we have energy... we dragged ourselves almost crying with fatigue to the massage joint. We had 2 girls doing ours. It wasn’t the same as Hong Kong - that was definitely therapeutic, this was more like relaxation. Nevertheless, it was 70 mins for 120 yuan, which is about 21 Australian. We gave them an extra 20 Yuan each, not even 5 bucks. So it was a great way to finish a great day.

We are slowly learning Chinese words... ding means very... We had a ding ding ding ding good, big day. Off to the airport for Wuhan in the morning, then a long bus trip and to the Yangtze River cruise.

Guys, we mightn’t have internet access for a while after that, so be patient. I’ll keep writing and we’ll upload when we can. I’ll also sort out some photos.

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