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Rita relaxing in our campsite at the Fun-N-Sun Campground in Clermont, IA.

Our campsite #126. After Sunday we were one of only two residents...

From across the lake back toward our RV. Very well kept park....

Fishing is allowed in the lake by residence. A kid said that...

Ever heard of the Turkey River? That's it..

Again corn surrounds the area.

A beautiful little golf course just across the Turkey River.

Rita and April in front of tall corn.

Clermont is a farm town. A farmer came for lunch at the...

Midwestern Gold..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

From the middle of South Dakota to where we are tonight in Iowa, we have never seen so much corn and soy beans growing. Field after field after field for miles on end alternating with sections of soy beans and sections of corn. It seems that the farmers here in the Heartland alternate crops of soy beans with corn yearly. The corn takes nitrogen out of the soil and the soy beans puts it back in. The fields look look like rolling waves of green stretching out to the horizon in all directions. Spread among these waves are islands of barns and grain storage bins. Now in the Midwest there are also getting to be lots of wind generators springing up in the fields. Also there are more than a few bio fuels plants producing ethanol. All fuels where I bought diesel last time in Minnesota are 10% ethanol. Diesel too.

The last three stops have been short stays from 1 night in Mitchell, SD and two nights each in Welcome, MN and Clermont, IA where we now are. The last two stops had very limited internet access, thus limited journal entries. Most of our driving this way through South Dakota to Minnesota have been via Interstate 90. Not a lot of turns on that highway. Just set it on cruise and well, cruise. Rita got more chances to do some driving on the interstate. We can’t figure it out. Why does the roadwork always show up when she takes her turn behind the wheel? It is amazing how that works out. She has lots of experience with cones, barriers, lane switches, no shoulders, narrow roadways, limited speed, flaggers, speed changes, and so forth. Good experience getting used to it while driving a big fat bus towing a pick-up.

From here we go to Orangeville, IL where my twin brother Gale and Gerry live. We will be there on Tuesday and are looking forward to seeing them again. We got together with them last year while we were in Prescott, AZ visiting with my older brother Les and Peggy. They flew out and met us all there. We had a real good time getting together as brothers and sisters-in-law.

So far the weather has been great and uneventful which we really like. Except for the few road construction miles we have passed through, it has been really a great drive. Of course the front of the RV and the pick-up look like they have traveled these miles with the dirt and bugs. Mechanically except for a few minor glitches things have gone well. We have been blessed.

Until next time...

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