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Hoover Muesum

What a washing machine

Bank doors from stock market crash

Working room

House he was born in

Grave for him and his wife


Desk for student

Privy for home

Cooking dinner

Mom & Dad's bed

Rainy and humid in West Liberty, Iowa. Didn't need much covers on the bed and shorts were a good choice for wear. Hubert Hoover's Library ahd Muesum is in West Branch, Iowa. There is an area in the old town that has buildings built in the 1914s that are still being used. It looked strange to see these old buildings with computers in windows. His museum mwas interesting as it contained information on presidents from Washington up to current Bush. Info on children, ages when they were elected president. Some was things that probably wasn't well known. Was interesting had an area showing some of the dolls that Caroline Kennedy was given as a child. Said she was given over 300 from country leaders. Had an area showing Hoover with JFK, not much with other presidents. His markers for him and his wife are very plain, only their names and birth//death dates. No presidental seal, said it was his request as he was Quaker and they don't want that type of "decoration". In the park area, their had the cabin he was borned in and lived several years, classroom he attended, the meeting house, blacksmith shop his father owned. Had furniture in the buildings. The ranger said it was not original but was time period. Wonder where the orginal furniture is. The old town area had buildings that were built in the 1914s and earlier. It was strange to see them and then see computers in the windows or new furniture. Not many new buildings down there at all. Which would definitely take away from there. We're off and running again.

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