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061408 - We were supposed to spend two nights in St. Marys, GA. As we approached and reviewed the weather conditions we realized that it would be two soaking days. Under normal circumstances that would be tolerable, but given that I have some form of food poisoning or a stomach bug we decided to find shelter at a hotel (may have been the tomatos that I ate in LA). I decided to spend two days in Savannah, GA because I had never been there and was told that it is a beautiful city. I bid on for two nights at a 3-star for $60.00 per night. I was surprised to get a 4-star Hyatt in the historical district, right on the Savannah River. We Scored! After driving more than 500 miles from our last stop we arrived around 6PM. Given my physical condition we checked in and I went to bed. Plan was to hike throughout the city on Monday. Our evening consisted of Pizza, Wine, and Rambo. Was a pretty good evening punctuated by ships blowing their horns as they passed up and down the river. We had an absolutely beautiful view of the River Street from our room.

The most memorable moment of the day was when we stopped at a rest area so I could take a nap. I lay down on a picnic table bench and immediately fell asleep for 15 mintues. The boys woke me as instructed. I tried to stand up and fell flat on my face. My legs had fallen asleep. The kids enjoyed this. Fortunately my knees broke my fall and suffered only minor damage.

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