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Eileen and Roy Pike

Gerry and Sharon Charlebois

Anne Rowe

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Our last day in Manzanillo was a day reserved for an afternoon party around the pool; a simple affair planned by the friends we have made with the other Canadians staying at the Santa Barbara Suites. It was a great opportunity to see everyone together and to meet a couple of the new arrivals. Everyone brought snacks to share and we were able to contribute the last of our beer and wine. Somehow we had managed to overstock the cupboard and everyone helped us to finish off the last of a large jug of red wine.

The other amigos are all long-stay residents and they have plans to enjoy all the comforts that Manzanillo has to offer for the next few months. For many, this is a habit they would love to make regular for the next several years. With winter beginning to take a serious hold across Canada, everyone is happy to relax in the sun and enjoy each other’s company. Audrey is heading back to Pittsburgh to spend Christmas with her sons and grandchildren there. Anil and I, ever the wanderers, are going to continue to explore Mexico and then launch ourselves to South America. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to move on.

While we never really took to the idea of becoming a part of the Canadian retirees that winter in Manzanillo, we did make many new friends and the send-off they arranged for us assured us that we will be welcome back in the future. Great people, great weather, great food, good times.


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