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Done it's sailing days

Weirdest shaped dog ever. Alt least it had a big belly

Matt and Sky, from England, around the world in 4 months, man...

Well, I think I've been spoilt for beaches already. 3 miles long, oodles of sand, and perfect for swimming. The best part? It wasn't swarming with people, just a good sized, fun crowd. Within my first couple of hours I had managed to get myself settled into a stylin bungalow, and bump into both Bianca and Angela. Nothin left to do but relax. And that's exactly what I did for the next five nights. Add in a few hangovers, a day with rented scooters, and good company, it took all my will power to get going again. But alas, I still have yet to go diving. There was a couple of tempting live aboards, and one that I wish Angela and I had done. We would of been knackered after 14 dives in 4 days. That's some mad diving, and at some of the best spots in the world! It would of been epic, but it will happen yet. No need to rush things just yet.

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