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Sailing on Loch Ness

Urquart Castle

Haggis Hurler

Wow! It's a wee bit cold here! Even Nessie would wear thermals today I think.

Can't believe how hard the Scots must be. Wearing kilts in those days would of been... well... blooody hell.... Brrrrrrruuuurrrrruuurrrr.....

On the way we stopped and bought fabbo warm lambs wool scarves (which came in very handy). These scarves being of our Clan colours! All hail to the mighty McCleods! I'm still wearing mine everywhere. There is a McCleod castle too, so I shall have to get there at some stage and pretend like I own the place.

My brother Paul, Nicki, and I went for a sail on the famous Loch Ness! Which retains a lovely temperate chilly 7deg all through winter. We had about half an hour on the boat till we reached Urquart castle - one of the oldest around I think.

Paul wouldn't accept a dare to point and yell "Nessie!"... apparently he has become spoiled and wouldn't do anything for 20p. How times have changed.....

They had a trebouchet by the side of the castle with which the hard-arse Scots would hurl moon sized boulders at the invading English.

Now they use it to hurl Haggis into the Lake for Nessie on special occasions...

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