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Pemanent resident-just likes to have a garden to welcome people to 3...

View from window where I have my computer

Ron was in town - Raven flew away

Very Well Behaved Dogs

Tyler trys the water after Bonnie gives the 'OK'

Bonnie, Tyler and David at the river in the campground

Beach at the campground, mountain in distance

Cow across road from our RV park

Totom pole at the local market

Blue pig down the road a ways

Master Chef Ron Heck-note the Raven's feather in his hat

Connie (with Sadie under her jacket) and David - looks like they...

Linda keeps Bonnie and Sadie warm

Kaweah Park Resort

On the banks of the Kaweah River

Three Rivers, California

We got here and never wanted to leave. David had previously decided he wanted to move to Silver City, New Mexico; however, he said Three Rivers, California was now the front leader. It really is a beautiful park! Large trees, birds singing, and in the background was river noise from the Keweah River falling over large rocks. Again, there was grass - again, happy dogs.

Once we set up both RVs and put the tablecloth on the picnic table, and the camping chairs out along with the dogs' water bowl - we were set to never leave. We walked down to the river and it was breathtaking. The water came from two points, and a third point down a ways. There was a beach for lounging - swimming not suggested due to the rush of the river. There was a vollyball net and 4 horseshoe pits and a pool. The owner was moving boulders when we pulled in. He had a bobcat and he and one of his helpers would load a boulder, take it to a wall and use it in the process of shoring up the wall that had been eroding. You could tell he was proud of his RV Park.

So very peaceful - it really was contentment sitting out by our rigs with the three dogs and just catching up on our day, or laughing about Connie trying to figure out how to avoid the rocks as she left her RV, and how Ron insisted on climbing the rocks when he came out. The weather was beautiful and we were able to eat breakfasts and dinners outside.

David and I took the dogs for a walk one afternoon and they really wanted to go in the water - even though it was cold. So, of course, we let them. Tyler got very cold-water frisky and Bonnie wanted to swim. After the swim and a long walk they slept the afternoon away.

We took a trip through the Sequoias. What a beautiful trip! We were wowed by the rivers, waterfalls and streams on the way up to the Sequoias. The farther up the mountains we got, the colder it got. We had not brought our jackets - (typical Floridians). The trees were, without a doubt, one of the most interesting sites we have seen. In order to get up to them we had to meet with other tourist's vehicles at a scheduled time and then travel together up the narrow road due to reconstruction.

We stopped and took pictures of each other standing against the giant trees. There were several off to one side so we parked and all got out. Ron and David knocked on the trees and said they were 'hollow' sounding. Then they clowned around making knocking noises, etc. Then, David walked around one of the trees and there was a young man sitting in the lotus position, not saying a word and looking very pained that we intruded on his quiet.

Just down from there David drove our Jeep through a 'tree tunnel' - it fit, thank goodness! Connie and David decided to collect pinecones. The Giant Sequoias' pinecones were very tiny compact cones. The Sugar Pine's cone is 1 Ft or so long. Go figure...Guess it doesn't take much to make a BIG TREE!

The next day we took another road up the mountain and ended up in Silver City Mountain Resort. Today we took our jackets. There was a small store, a restaurant and bakery. We stopped for lunch at the small restaurant and ate on the deck. The pies and cakes were made daily by a young woman- around 22 years old. She was the head cook and in charge of the restaurant and the two other cooks/waitresses until 'The Season'. Good food, wonderful view from the deck. Deer were walking across the road.

They suggested we go on up to Mineral King Mountain since we had gotten 'so far up the mountain anyway'. They did warn of the marmots, saying they chewed on hoses and wiring in parked cars. They described them to us. On the way up the mountain from Silver City we saw - YEP - we SAW A MARMOT. It is reddish brown, looks a little like a beaver with a bushy tail. In the National Parks literature it warned the same thing about the marmots, ie: they chew on hoses and wiring in parked cars. We saw quite a few cars that had mesh fence around the whole bottom of the car so the marmots could not get to the hoses on the car. At a few private cabins the people had built double corrals to put their cars in to protect them from the marmots.

We had thought about exploring the Crystal Caves; however, the information on the Tours stated that from the parking lot there is a half mile walk to the cave on a steep trail and tours were only for those in good physical condition. That ruled out four of the four of us...

Most of all we just relaxed at the park - what a peaceful atmosphere.

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