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I've reported back to parents by text that this was my best day since I started travelling.

Well, it MUST have been awesome, because I've had some fantastic times recently.

However, once again dear readers, details will have to follow later coz I'm still pretty-much in internet isolation :-(

I have a ghost-writer, or perhaps more appropriately, fairy Godfather (lol) who puts these brief entries up for me until I can get round to sharing more of the details with everyone...........including my fairy Godfather!!

I'm sure that my fairy Godfather must be getting quite impatient to see what a great time I've been having and the undoubtedly amazing photos that I must have taken accompanied by amazingly colourful and descriptive text. But I'm equally sure that fairy Godfather will make some allowance for the internet access issue I have here in North Island, where I'm having such a wonderful time, but can't as yet share the details with anyone.........even fairy Godfather.

Right! enough of that!

On to Auckland, where I'm sure there will be lots of internet opportunities to PERSONALLY bring the site up to date and to let fairy Godfather take a well-deserved back seat again and maybe he'll get fewer disapproving "tsk, tsks", from fairy Godmother for making inappropriate entries on my travel website!!

Isn't that right Steph?

Fairy Godfather :-)

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