Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

For The Prawnmeyster, thought you'd like this he he

Crimbo In Bon - Check Out The Decor


Drunken Brown!!!

Yum Yum, Pigs Bum

Animal Beastiality #3


Anyone who knows Claire knows this Made Her Xmas

Claire's Twin he he he

Crimbo In The Bonmeyster

Papa Crimbo

Well after a scary (but rare) stint of Claire's driving, we thankfully made it to Hamilton. Claire done the usual girly thing and dragged Keith around the shops for ages trying to xmasize each other and Bon. Bought our Christmas dinner BBQ, yum yum! It's pretty quiet as all the kiwis head to the coasts for the festive period as it's their summer hols.

Woke up bright and early on Christmas day and drank copious amounts of bubbly for breakfast. This resulted in two semi-drunken brits wandering round the town centre, complete with party hats and looking for an open bar. We, by some miracle, managed to cook up a traditional brit Xmas BBQ Feast. All in all we had a fun, if not a little abstract, chilled Crimbo Day.

We woke up nicely hungover on Boxing Day and headed to Hamilton Zoo. We saw monkey's willys and Claire got to feed some of her beloved Giraffes. We then headed to Raglan for some surfing.

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