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Puerto Barrios

Greeting at Livingstone

Bungalow at Livingstone - Casa de la Iguana

Livingstone beach

Andreas posing

hike to the waterfall


Los Siete Altares

Gustaf & Andreas at the falls



Andreas diving off the top - i wasn't brave enough!

Casa de la Iguana

Rusty in his hammock

crazy Georgia the Canadian




Adios Livingstone






Arrival at Finca Tatin


planning the swing...

..gone wrong


morning swim/kayak


serious hammocks at Finca Tatin - am becoming an expert!

So am leaving Utila after just a week...thought i'd want to stay forever when i first arrived but am definitely ready to leave - the dive schools are very cliquey ...most of the people i've met are moving on and theres not much to do unless you're diving everyday - and i quickly got bored of that!...but it's a great place and would definitely like to come back one day...

so me and the 2 swedes - Andreas and Gustaf got the early ferry back to la ceiba ready for another long long day of travelling....after what felt like changing buses a million times we made it to the honduras/guatemalan border where we got dropped off - walked over the border and then got a "taxi" to puerto barrios...the taxi being 22 people squashed into a 12 seater minibus with luggage - i am not exaggerating....people were hanging out the windows and sitting on the roof...i was sitting on the bags in the back - was the most uncomfortable journey ever - but quite funny and fortunately not very far!...from there we got a private boat having missed the last ferry, and finally arrived in livingstone at about 11pm and 16hours of travelling! Was quite stress free though - Andreas speaks spanish like a native and it just makes thing so much quicker and journies so much smoother...if i'd done this journey on my own i honestly think it would've taken me 3 days to get there!...going to try and stick with them for a while i think!

Livingstone is on the carribean coast of Guatemala and has a very tropical feel to it- lots of palm trees and very hot! It has no roads and can only be reached by boat so has a very slow pace of life! even wait 2 hours just to get a sandwich in a restaurant - v v frustrating and drives the boys insane - v v funny!...we found a really cool place to stay - our own bungalow in the jungle so think will just chill out for a few days - one day travelling, 3 days doing nothing seems to be a good pattern!

The next day we hiked to a nearby national park - Los Siete Altares - supposedly an hours walk up the beach but was more like 3hrs - along the beach, through the jungle and across rocks to the waterfalls - we weren't very well prepared wearing only flip flops but we made it...and the waterfalls were great for swimming in when we finally found them!...fortunately we just made it home before dark and before the tide came in so far we couldn't walk along the was very close though!

So after a very strenuous couple of days and a few beers out on the town in livingstone with some other travellers - not much nightlife though - we spent the next day lying in hammocks reading and planning where to there are no roads we don't have much choice apart from a boat down the river towards rio dulce and then we can get a bus north from there...

Our next stop was a place called Finca Tatin, further along the river and deep in the jungle....the scenery was spectacular but unfortunately don't have many pics as didn't dare take my camera out in the kayaks....we hired kayaks for the afternoon and went up and down the river - we found some hot springs and some bat caves which were really cool - and basically lots of swimming, more lying about in hammocks, eating drinking's a hard life!

Although i think i had the worst nights sleep of my life ever that night - everyone sleeps outside in open-air huts with just a mosquito net over you listening to all the sounds of the jungle - i wasn't scared at all until i got into bed and there was a spider the size of my hand INSIDE the mosquito was gross but the boys were more scared than me and we all spent the next 20mins checking the beds carefully for spiders before we got back in them. andreas was was v funny but after that i just couldn't sleep... james - its a good job you weren't there, far too many critters for you to cope with you'd have had to go home!!

One night of no sleep was enough, so we decided to leave the next day - another boat to Rio Dulce and then a bus from there to Flores...where i need to rest a while - i think the partying over new year is taking its toll and we are all starting to get sick - just coughs and colds but still makes you feel rotten and not nice when travelling!...i want a 5* hotel room!!

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