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Shimlar christchurch

rainy bear

Monkey looking out of place (is this England??)


The Himalayan Queen

it's so great!!!

snack seller

getting very overexcited ...

... v unimpressed

one of MANY spectacular views from train

B - After Naggar we went to Shimla, still in the mountains but on the way back to Delhi. It was a much bigger place and a shock after a month in small mountain villages. Lots of touts and hassle - for the firzt timewe actually dived into a hotel and stayed there to avoid one particularly persistant tout. only stayed there 2 nights, did small amount of sightseeing - was summer capital of British raj where they all escaped from summer heat of Delhi - so strange juxtaposition of old mock-tudor and victorian buildings with bustling indians and monkeys all around. A lot like Dalhousie except more like a city than a cluster of small villages.

The most exciting thing was the train from Shimla back to Delhi. This was actually 2 trains. The first was a toy train - narrow guage railway - had the feel of an old steam train - which winded along a beautifully scenic mountainside track, in and out of forest. I think it was the most beautiful train journey i've ever done. I got really excited and took millions of photos, with my head sticking out the window! Claire is worried i'm turning into a train spotter but it was really v exciting!

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