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Movie set

Movie set 2

Hopeful extras gather at a Cinema called 'Regal Cinema' just down the...

Ash is unimpressed with his costume. HIGHLY unimpressed.

A funny sign on the train last night. 'Emu' doesn't even SOUND...

We're in a Bollywood movie!!

The guy at our hotel just asked us if we wanted to be in a Bollywood movie and that his friend was looking for white extras. Naturally we accepted and got picked up from our hotel and dropped off 'en location'. The film is called 'Dhamaal' (Look out for it on Amazon or something). 'Dhamaal' means either mischief or excitement or fun (Depending on who you ask) and it was certainly all of those! The one scene we are in, it has to be said, is an awful, awful scene. Our acting is TERRIBLE, the lines are abismal and it's generally... well, embarrasing. But really cool at the same time :)

The premise is this: There's a saxophone player busking and he's really amazingly good, or even "Superb. Amazing!" or "Better than Kenny G!" (Matt, I imagine you'll know who kenny G is. No one else did!). We stand there for a bit admiring this prodigy and enjoying the sweet music. But then the scene turns to a dark tale of deception, trickery and mischief! It turns out that this saxophonist had been miming to a tape OF Kenny G, as is found out when the tape player sort of goes wrong and plays really fast and then really slow. All the admiring onlookers get really angry that they'd been "CHEATED!!!" by this busker and we chase him and hit him with violin cases and stuff. This 30 second scene took about 3-4 hours to film. God knows how Bollywood churns out the most amount of films in the world...

It was filmed outside a really REALLY nice cinema which we basically spent all day inside when we weren't being filmed. They had an XBox shop thing with about 10 XBox machines each with a different game. I caned some kids on Fifa World Cup. Good fun.

Lastly worthy of note are the costumes we were given to wear. We all thought we'd just wear our actual clothes, for authenticity of foriegners and all. But no, we were given clothes to wear. And what clothes. Fiona had skin skin tight beige cords and a polka-dot halter-neck red and white top. She got quite burnt as a result of the ridiculous hours we spent standing around outside doing nothing while the production team faffed around with light meters and sun reflectors and stuff. I had to wear a white Adidas sleeveless polyester wifebeater with black cords with horrible white and brown 'paint smear effect' type things all over them with brown socks and some really shoddy trainers. See for yourself in the picture! I don't care. I'm in a movie. You're not.

We also watched the Da Vinci Code after filming was finished and both really liked it. Un-necessary changing of the ending and some characters were quite under-developed, but still quite good.

More from us soon (In the headlines. "Rising stars Fiona Whyte and Ashley Morton.....")

P.S. I'm adding a few more pictures and maybe some videos to other posts, so go back and check them for new stuff if you want :)

P.P.S. Fiona swapped her broken swatch watch for a drum

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