Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

You get loads of these sellers running around with these massive stacks...

My view from the backseat...ha!

I love all the fresh fruit you can buy as snacks over...

Mue Na beach, and the South China Sea!

Kite surfing is big here!

'Fairy stream' - walked about 1000 metres up this!

Impressive stuff

...even more impressive (!)

My the red canyon.

...making me wear his smelly hat!

Goats in the road...of course...saw these and about 4 herds of cows...

The sand dunes, not the best pic though unfortunately.

The cutest little girl...

...and her brother!

Attempting to slide but I moved pretty slowly and just moved a...

Aww, bless.

My footsteps having skipped down the side!

Some locals that wanted me to take their picture

He had no flip-flops and his poor feet kept getting things stuck...

The road home

Got the entire backseat to myself so attempted to catch up on some sleep for the 4 hour coach journey!

Arrived in Mue Na and was instantly hounded by 6 different touts for various hotels so decided to go with the one who pestered me the least...and he takes me to this sweet little place right on the beach, but not near anything much, so I decide to rent a motorbike - yes, not a scooter - once the guy's showed me how to use it and go off to explore...but there's not much to see by all accounts, just a load of hotels on the beach and not loving the atmosphere, very holiday maker, (it's just not Ko Chang!) so decide to leave the next morning.

Drop into a travel shop and see that there's some cool looking sand dunes out of town so I book a guide to take me on his motorbike, but quickly discover that he now wants me to be his girlfriend...these Vietnamese locals, they're just terrible! Sweet guy though, so after he gets the message we have a good laugh together. He kept laughing at me when I said 'wow' every 5 seconds!

See some really cool landscapes, and the most wicked sand dunes. These two kids who were brother and sister (and spoke amazing English) took me by the hand out to the sand dune (only trying to make some money I know but still loved them!) highlight was skipping along the top of the sand dune with the little girl hand in hand and singing une, dos, tres, olay, olay, olay...which is the only song they seem to like singing!

Get soaked in a storm on the way home AGAIN, but great day, felt good to pack so much in. Had dinner at the hotel with the most boring couple I've met yet (Irish) and my god could she talk, poor boyfriend couldn't get a word in edgeways but he didn't seem to care!

Another early night for another early start.

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