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Brad and Ann with Tibetan Prayer Flags, Nagarjunakonda

Brad and Mrs. Rao, Nagarjunakonda

Ann on the Boat to Nagarjunakonda

Jain Temple, Tenali

Elephant at Jain Temple

Undavalli Cave Temple, near Vijayawada

Elephant Carved in Stone

More Stone Carvings

Still More Stone Carvings

A Bat Inside the Temple

A Huge Vishnu Reclining in Cave

Carved Lions

Carved Figure

Brad and Mr. Rao

Our Group In Front of the Temple

Tenali, India

Nagarjunakonda was a convinient stop about half way between Hyderabad and Tenali. The site is on an island in a reservior created by the Nagarjuna Dam (consequently the second largest earthen dam in the world) and has a representation of Buddhist ruins that were flooded. Unfortunately, the museum on the island was closed, and I hate to say it, but the ruins weren't terribly remarkable (hence the lack of photographed ruins). It did however break up the road trip nicely with a lovely boat ride on the reservior. There was even a moment of tense anticipation when the boat's motor cut out on the return trip, and we floated along wondering when (or if!) it would roar back to life. A long, hot 15 minutes later, we were back in action.

The next day a whole group of family set off to see some sights around Tenali. A fabulously colored Jain Temple was the first stop. Unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside (common in most temples and place of worship), but there were two girls making very elaborate spiralling patterns with rice. One other unique thing about the temple (and being the only Jain Temple we've visited, I don't know if this is common practice) -they gave us little packets of sugar treats on our way out! (As if we weren't eating enough on this trip!)

Not far from the Jain Temple were the Undavalli Cave Temples -our first glimpse of temples cut out of solid rock. The entire temple is one huge rock formation, with all of the figures chiselled into place. The reclining Vishnu (who used to be a reclining Buddha) was the most impressive, and its hard to tell from the photo, but he's about 30 feet long.

Off for more family fun and excitement...

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