Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

A palace

more palace

some statues

me and a lion

Thats Romania

looking up

a random lion cub

so called draculas castle

closer up to draculas castel (Bran Castle)

looking inside the castle

view from Bran castle

a random coffin in odd

mmm yummy hollow cake in Bran

they bbq them

Rasov fort

Rasov fort 2

overlooking the town Rasov

I ran into Dracula

and became a knight!

view from the top of the fort

Fort hangin on the cliff

I've been caught

chillin at the top

massive beer mugs

So me and 3 american's ended up going on the Transylvania tour put on by the hostel which is basically a taxi hired for the day to drive us around. The guy spoke no english. Quite funny. Taxi drivers in Romania are scary!!!! They cruise by everything so fast.

Our first stop was the Royal Palace Sinaia. We walked around there for about an hour. We didn't pay to go inside. There was markets set up down at the bottom so we spent some time looking around at al the tacky dracula stuff they were trying to sell.

Next we drove to Bran. There is castle there called the Bran castle but for tourists it's Dracula's castle although there is no mention of him ever having been there. It's a tourist trap really. It's a really awesome castle though. At the bottom there are the same kind of markets sets up.

Leah and I tried some local cake there that is wrapped around a steel tube and bbqed. And then they pour whatever you want on it..chocolate, coconut, kind of tastes like a donut. It's hollow inside. Really really good!

Our last stop was Rasov Fortress. We had fun walking around taking some goofy pictures and the view from up there was so amazing. Breathtaking really.

Headed back to the hostel and I went to get some groceries for my 12 hour train ride the next day to Budapest. But my train ride is mostly free since Leah had a return ticket to Budapest and wasn't going to use it and just gave it to me. Sweet!!!

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