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Museum and art gallery

See the mould on the signs

botanical gardens

The clyde river

A scottish wedding

We travel north as far as Paisley – park the car and catch the train into Glasgow.

From there we walk a way to visit the Art Gallery and Museum. Quite a pleasant day with enough to keep us both interested. At lunchtime a guy gives a recital on a wonderful organ – in what is a marvellous building.

Interesting that there was an influx of Irish back in the days of the famine and, of course, they brought their Catholic religion with them. The city is now quite segregated – there are two major league soccer teams – one for the Catholics and the other the Protestants. The government is now considering a law that specifically stops the teams abusing each other on religious grounds. And so it goes on.

Afterwards we want to visit the Transport Museum but it has been transferred and we are told is not to reopen for another couple of weeks.

It has also begun to rain and the temperature has dropped considerably. So we find ourselves a hop on/hop off and spend the afternoon learning about Glasgow.

A pretty grubby city with patches of greenery and some areas being upgraded, particularly around the River Clyde where old warehouses are being renovated into apartments, offices and hotels. Many old buildings (and some houses in the villages) are made of a reddy brown brick or sandstone.

So many of the buildings have black stains running down them. Thought at first it might be pollution from the industrial era but think it is just mould and stains from the rain and cold.

We train back to Paisley, collect Pierre and find the local travelodge. No restaurant so we visit the Ramada next door and eat at their bistro.

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