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Dec 15 This time crossing was a charm(practice makes perfect, ha). Took bus from border to Tamale where we arrived at 4 pm and went to 2 cheapest O.N. options(both run by Catholic Mission) but cheap rooms were booked - they recommended going to "Sand Castle" Hotel/Guesthouse...Well, one of their staff led us there(very nearby) and turned out to be "Christian Council"Guesthouse, our English isn't even up to snuff here in Ghana, ha! Yes, food is very reasonable and Jake bargained our room down to $5 US each.

They are changing their currency here and the old bills still in circulation have one zero more than new currency (Cedi) so not only money comes inb both old & new forms but also translating CFA into Ghanian currency has made things quite confusing(Ghanians seem to be just as confused at times!).

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