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Central roundabout, Tupiza

Tupiza was very wild west

Steve & Rachel bought traditional Bolivian Tinku fighting hats

The fighting normally happens at the end of booze fueled festivals

The fighting is used to sort out disputes with other villagers

We didn´t go to one of these festivals as they can be...

High moon

Tupiza was very warm and we were happy. Our hotel was probably one of the best we have stayed in - cable TV, swimming pool and games room with table tennis/table football.

The reason we came to Tupiza was to ride horses in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid country. They escaped to Bolivia after the heat got too much for them in the USA. However, they committed their last robbery (of a mine payroll) north of Tupiza and then rode south to escape the possie after them. They were caught up with a few days later at San Vicente and shot dead. Local myth says that one of the graves is empty as one of them survived to became a schoolteacher in Brooklyn.

We booked a 3 day horseriding trek for tomorrow to the south of Tupiza as even though you don´t get to visit the last robbery site the scenery is apparantly more picturesque. San Vicente is too far to ride to on a tour. To get ourselves in the mood for riding we managed to find a place showing the film with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. NB They show it every night.

Tupiza also has a really good pizza restaurant imaginatively called Tu Pizza.

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