Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

that monkey was on my shoulder! For real

main enterance to the fortress


the danube

me chillin in Belgrade

pretty river

guarding the fort

nice gardens


cool house

what fun

purty tower



thats the spot

me and my new friend

sooo darn cute

Was forced awake by some hammering going on. Lazed around the hostel until the english and american guy were ready to go out. The american guy showed us around the city of Belgrade. Stopped for lunch at a cheap restaurant and had some pizza. Went up to the fortress above the city. Great view of the river up there. Walked around some more and wandered. Went to a big fruit and veg market and bought some stuff to take on the night train with me.

Also on the way to the fortress we saw a guy with a little monkey on his shoulder and he was selling pictures with him. So I caved in since it only cost like 3 euro. He moved my hair to one side and put the monkey on my shoulder and looked at me and said "Don't touch monkey" and backed away slowly and took a picture with his digital camera and then printed the picture out right there. So cool! I had a monkey on my shoulder. you will have to wait until I get home to see it as I dont have a scanner.

I hopped onto my night train at about 4:30 and I had a sleeper carriage shared with an older romanian lady. I had the top bunk. It was actually alright. They came to check our tickets and then around 9pm they came to look at our passports and I had to fill something out. Went to bed quite early as I would get into Romania around 6am.

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