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campground view

Another campground view

This way to the Mississippi

Road to the fishing hole


Today we traveled through parts of Mississippi that were last seen in Deliverance, but oh so beautiful it was. We are now in a lovely state park named Grand Gulf Military Monument on the site of a Civil War Battle. It is beautiful and has a museum loaded with Civil War memorabilia where we plan to spend some time. Directly across the road is "River Road" which leads to the Mississippi, but the road isn't necessary since the Mississippi came to us. The road is covered by the Mississippi and closed to traffic .

Down the road a couple of miles is the Gulf Port Nuclear Facility which is a functioning plant. Nothing is glowing yet, but Destiny is acting a bit weird.

Thought about doing some fishing but all the access roads we were sent too are under water. Lucky for the fish!!

The town is so small that we were greeted in the local grocery with the words "hi campers". Internet service is almost totally non-existent. Journals may be a bit late in getting to our dedicated readers, as well as most of you.

No cable, no TV, limited phone, no internet: Maybe we're camping!!

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