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Rhodos again

Robbie Burn's Cottage

A quick drive from Blacklion to Larne – was concerned that we might miss the boat but made it in plenty of time.

Started the day thinking they had ridiculous speed limits in Blacklion before realising that once again we were in miles/hour territory! Eventually the penny drops.

We catch our seacat again – hardly a ripple this time. Unfortunately the only programme showing is Two and a Half Men and the same episodes per trip.

We arrive in Scotland and are greeted with wonderful sunny and warm weather. The sea blue and the paddocks green as green.

We do notice (as we did in Ireland) that the leaves on trees on the western side of forests have been burnt from the ferocious winds we experienced back in mid May. Some less dense trees like Birches, all of the leaves are dead.

We drive north along the coastline – quite beautiful. We finally make it to Ayre – the home of Robbie Burns. We spend some time at the museum – quite interesting – didn’t know that he had nine legitimate children and around five out of wedlock (mainly to maids or kitchen staff). He died at age 37 – not surprised, probably worn out. Did see that one of his poems was on the question of just how much a woman needed – I think nine inches was mentioned.

As we had no accommodation booked we end up at quite a nice hotel just outside Dalgarven. (As we drove through Dalgarven we notice at least three stretch limos in various colours.) The hotel is more expensive than we would like – will have to start prebooking on the internet again. Lovely meal though and nice to see a hotel offer healthy meals for a change – I have trout. We have a river running just outside our window and a bloody great four-poster bed – all very well!

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