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Mom & Kid Monkey

Kopak Tree

Our Guide Showing us Seed in Kopak Pods Used in Pillows, Sleep...

Elephant...About 45 yrs Old

Same Elephant

Guide Shows us Salt Lick and Where Elephant Used Tusks

Pond w/ Crocks in Vegitation in Foreground...GBH on Log Far Side Left

View of Pond Below Vantage Point at Hotel

Another View From Vantage Point

Dec 16 Went to bus station in am and got tickets to Mole NP to see the largest wildlife park in western Africa. Left at 2:30 pm arr at Mole Hotel in dark 6 hours later.

At 6 am we went on safari trek and saw elephant, cob, bush & water bucks, green monkey, warthog, croks, grey heron, patas monkey, baboon, wild guinea fowl, partridge, and plantain eaters! (Mari made me list all of these...the place is not really crawling with beasts...saw most in ones and twos over the 24 hours we were there).

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