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Got tickets for the slow ferry, the Flying Horse, which leaves at 10 PM and gets into Dar at 6 AM tomor morning. Meanwhile, we are cooling our heals(literally, since it is aircon) here at the Palace Hotel Internet!

Bon & I went to Flying Horse(slow) ferry office…on our way to the port & office we were “attacked” by numerous touts who insisted Flying Horse was not going, that they were celebrating a holiday or whatever…we literally had to fight our way to the window. The gal inside told us to come into the ticket sales room off the street to eliminate the hubbub! We bought the tickets to Dar & the gal very kindly wrote VIP on the tickets. We didn’t know it at the time but it saved our bacon.

Back to the Palace Hotel Internet(very fast and AC to boot) we spent the next 4 hours doing journal stuff, Bon investigating the ‘stans since we have to let Arden at White Knights know very soon about our plans.

We got on the ferry about 9:30 and were shown up stairs from main deck to VIP room! The main deck has lights on all the time, no AC, people lying all over, no real seats, noisy. VIP room is dark, has AC, TV, and they provide mattresses up on a ledge under windows looking out…what a great bene! We settled in and luckily we did sooner than later because not more than 15 min. later a whole crowd of locals took over the rest of the room…stuffed chairs, floor w/ mattresses, everywhere. When I got up to go to the restroom about 5 am I had to step carefully so as not to step on someone. The ferry sits in port most of the night and finally leaves for Dar to arrive in 4 hours at 6 am.

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