Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

run down hostel room

tunnel museum

bullet holes

Sonny our tour guide


map of how serbia surrounded the city

remenants of the war

the bags they filled with supplies

presidents vip chair for the tunnel

inside the tunnel

where you come out of the tunnel

enterance to the closed part of the tunnel

shell in the pavement

hidden part of the tunnel

view from where the serbian snipers were

view of "sniper alley"

overlooking Sarajevo

cemetery full of bosnian soldiers


memorial to WW2

the bombed out city hall

city hall

Our dinner for 3 euros each!

Argentina girls

swiss couple and Tom the canadian

Tom and me




Went on a tour this morning put on by the hostel. Sonny, one of the hostel guys is our tour guide. Turns out our tour is all norwegian photography students, a canadian guy and me. Haha. It was good though. Our first stop was the tunnel museum where the people of Sarajevo built a huge tunnel to get supplies in and out of Sarajevo during the war. The serbians knew about it but not it's location. We got to walk through an actual part of the tunnel.

Sonny told us all about the war, how is started, why it started, what went on during that time and how it ended. Sonny was only 15 years old at the time and still has a hard time talking about what he saw and what went on in his daily life.

You can still see bullet holes in almost every building. So many scars left from the war on the city. They took us up to the spot where Serbian snipers would have been at the time and showed us sniper alley. It's a stretch of road that if you were on you would have been shot at constantly by the snipers. It was weird to be standing there.

I learned so much about stuff we never heard on the news back in Canada. Stuff people wanted to keep quiet.

After the tour I wandered around the turkish quater part of town where there was lots of little shops to go into. It's a really amazing city and I really liked it. I stopped for something to eat and then back to the hostel to relax a bit. The canadian guy and me and 2 girls from Argentina talked for a while in the hostel bar and then a Swiss couple joined us and we all went out for dinner and had a huge feast of food for only like 3 euro. It was amazing.

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