Where in the World is Connie? travel blog

Chile/Argentine border crossing - now in Antarctica region

Patagonia estancia (ranch)

Streets of Ushuaia

Ushuaia harbour

Ushuaia harbour

Ushuaia harbour

My friend Annie and I on our canoe trip

This is the area we were canoeing through

The whole group on our lunch break

Scenery while hiking

Hiking scenery on Gable Island

Beaver dam damage

More hiking sceneryon Gable Island

Los pinguinos at Hammer Island!

Couple of cool dudes

Magellan Penguin

Penguins and rainbow

More penguins, some haven't lost all their old feathers yet

Having a bit of a discussion!

Last one in has to clean the beach!

Haberton Estancia, oldest ranch in Patagonia

Famous horizontal tree

Me and more horizontal trees

Connie, Ian & Annie - friends met on the Navimag trip

Scenery in Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego scenery

Saw dozens of rabbits along the trail

I've literally hit the end of the road

Andean goose

Lapataia Bay in Tierra del Fuego park

Beaver dam

More Tierra del Fuego scenery

A little chapel along the trail

Cute woodpecker sign in the park

Garibaldi Pass, about an hour outside of Ushuaia

'Desdemona' shipwreck at Cabo San Pablo

Cabo San Pablo

Shipwreck at Cabo San Pablo

The roadtrip gang

One last shot of shipwreck at Cabo San Pablo

Pier at Yehuin Lake

Yehuin Lake

Another pier shot

Me on the pier

Sailboats at Ushuaia harbour

Sailboats at Ushuaia

More penguins!

Photos only ... see "Journey to the End of the Earth" (story #105)

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