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achill Island

achill Island

achill Island

Trying to keep warm

Decided not to go into Galway City as a little too cold for me.

We head up the highway into County Mayo and onto Achill Island – hardly an island, a bitumen road and a small bridge and we are there.

Really beautiful coast and the Atlantic was somnolent today. Apparently the highest sea cliffs in Europe. No sea birds to be seen but some lovely sandy beaches and many coves covered in huge stones so the seas must get ferocious sometimes.

And inland, high rolling granite and peat mountains with the ubiquitous black faced woolly ewes and perky lambs roaming free and not the least interested in humans or their vehicles – one of which David had to rescue, stuck between to stones in a car park.

Of course stone walls everywhere although wooden posts and wire forming long narrow fields up the mountainsides on the northern slopes.

Quite a number of new homes – mostly all the same style and colour. Presume some are summer homes although plenty have enough junk and tractors around to signify working farmers.

A lot of peat cutting – acres of brown peat drying in rows or stacked in neat little piles, and some big heaps covered by tarpaulin. This has been going on for hundreds and years and the whole landscape is defined by straight lines and square patches.

We drive up a steep and narrow road to the peak of the second highest hill/mountain and are rewarded with a superb panoramic view 360 degrees.

The best thing has been the lack of other tourists – we mostly have the place to ourselves.

We eventually head towards Northern Ireland again – no accommodation booked and after a couple of false starts we end up in a wonderful B & B in Blacklion – right on the border between the two Irelands.

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