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The View From Near Our Banta(Hut)

The Beach

The Beach - Looking 180 Degrees the Other Direction

The Beach Where Food is Expensive #2226

Left in private taxi w/ 9 others paying $8US to go to this beautiful 26 km stretch of white sand together with some others here upon arrival at Kendwa Rocks Hotel/Guest Resort and headed out to do some snorkeling. It was fine to be in the water again, tho the sun disappeared soon after and so viewing was difficult. The coral shows quite a bit of damage and there are a lot of urchins, but I did see a lobster and quite a few various fish. Mari & I spent the eve with a couple from DC who had quit their jobs and bought an around the world plane ticket, they were in their 6th month next heading to London. We taught them Up and Down the River!

Decide to leave next day...this place is very pricey, mainly the food almost twice what we were paying in Stone Town which we thought was expensive.

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