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Snow on the hills at Copacabana the day after our walk

Central La Paz from our hotel (poorer areas on the slopes higher...

Plaza Murillo, named after an ex-president that was hung there

It also has the cathedral on it

At the witches market, can you spot the llama foetuses ?

Anyone for freeze-dried baby llama ?

We got up too late to get a public bus and to make the football we had to charter a minibus to La Paz. This meant paying for all 14 spaces in it. However, as it was only 15 Bolivianos a space the 3 hour journey was still quite cost effective given that we wanted to make the football. NB 15 Bolivianos to the pound.

It snowed overnight but not enough to settle on the roads thankfully. Part of the journey involved a ferry across to the mainland of Bolivia. This is also where the Bolivian Navy is located given that they lost all their Pacific coastline in the War of the Pacific a hundred years ago to Chile.

We got to La Paz in good time, saw Beckham make a prat of himself (again) and then had a few more beers. To get over the loss we bought Copa America sticker books and lots of packs of stickers. This was good fun and on the following days took us to markets to swap and buy the remaining singular cards required. We also went to the witches market and coca museum before moving on.

The witches market is where you can buy any number of potions for any number of ills, including llama feotuses to bless your new house (you bury it in the foundations as an offering to Pachamama - Mother Earth). Those of us cycling the Death Road tomorrow bought amulets for long life. The coca museum is a museum about coca.

At 3700 metres elevation La Paz is the highest capital city in the world.

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