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Greetings... as Helen and Gareth are now firmly on the mainland we can recount our tales of island madness...!

For a start Gareth had to prop up his credit card as a bond for the 4x4, in case anybody crashed it, but we all survived thank God, because we don't think it could take another hammering!

Basically this is how it works:

The hostel we are staying at leases out 4X4 vehicales, then they cram in 9 people and make sure that two them can drive. We all then pile down to Woolworths (supermarket) and fill up with food, drink (not the lemonade variety) and other bits and bobs. We then hit the ferry and get over to the sand based Fraser Island for 3 days! Because the island is sand based, 4x4s are the way forward! Gareth got to drive loads because he is over 21 and was (bossy) keen to have a go!

Driving on sand is great fun! You don't really have a choice of where you go, you kind have to point the vehicle in the right direction and hope for the best! We got stuck at times, but having 8 others pushing kinda helped!

I'll tell you more about it soon - including our two sightings of wild dingos, one in daylight, right by us! Photos too :-o

Cheers dudes,

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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