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Harbor Guard

The Singing Mate

Fish Cleaning Time

Net being deployed

Net back on board

The catch

The buffet crowd

Dinner time

Looking good!

Smells like shrimp

Still beautiful

Beauty and her Beast on the white sand beach

The Good, The Bad and The Gulf.

Temporary hat

A great day that began with a cruise. We saw an add for an educational shrimping trip and took a chance that it might be interesting. Well it began with the singing mate who actually was pretty talented. After the pelicans saw us off, we went shrimping. The net this small boat used was what the shrimpers use to test various areas before deploying the big guns. We made a pretty good haul and learned a lot about shrimp and the industry. They grow very rapidly in warm water (70 and above) and 95% of the shrimp caught is by natural predators. Birds will eat the fish out of the catch before the shrimp because it has more oil. They told us where we could get some Royal Red shrimp!!! Enough education !

Off the boat and to the Half Shell Oyster House we did go for some Royal Reds!! They are as good in Mississippi as they were in Alabama!!

We spent the afternoon on the beach, so you know my bride was happy happy happy. Fish were jumping all over the place and I had no pole or license but was still happy happy happy.

Had a muffuletta for dinner and now it's travel planning time.

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