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folding bicycle

one of the tower of the city wall



Spreuerbrucke (bridge over the river)

very fast moving river

holding on to the building lol





Lion of Lucerne

nice Lion lol


nice day






on the bridge of Kapellbrucke the Chapel bridge




a afternoon beer



dinner a sauage and fired potatoes

a bakey on the way to train station


Alpnachstad the place for the start of the cogwheel railstation

ghosts trees

out of the fog sunshine



cog train car

the track


Pilatus Kulm




swiss horn blower


one of the cogwheel cars

a walk along the top





on top Tomlishhorn 7000 ft




a good beer on top




a small church on the mountain side


heading back down the mountain






back into the fog







a park alnog the lake




one of the griding wheel for boring the train tunnels in the...

transportation museum





clock tower on the old city wall



wall from the tower








painting in the bridge


need some meds??


the cure is in here lol

This morning we leave Stresa and spend our the last of our time in Italy as we cross the boarder to Switzerland in a tunnel under the mountains. Today is a 3 train day spending about a hour on each, second train stops in Bern and change trains with time for a quick lunch stop back on another train to our next stop in Lucerne. Get checked into our hotel then off for a walk about the city a very nice afternoon with lots of sun, nice and warm. We check out the lion of Lucerne a sad monument craved in the stone wall dedicated to the 700 Swiss Guard who were killed in Paris in 1792, then on to the Kapellbrucke ( the Chapel Bridge) and the most important part of the walk a stop at a chocolate store for our free sample. Back to hotel for a bit of down time before meeting the rest of my group and off for dinner at a local restaurant and a beer, back to hotel and calling it a day, the first night in Switzerland. On the 23th Oct it is very foggy in Lucerne but I am off to the train station to head up the mountain of Pilatus by way of a cogwheel train car this is the steepest cogwheel railway line in the world at 48% incline, about half way up to the top we get above the fog into brite sunshine wow so nice to see the top of all the high mountains. Did a lot of walking along the top of the mountain great views just could not see into the valleys with the all lakes below :( had to come down the mountain by cogwheel train as the aerial cable way was shut down for maintenance, but still a very good day on the mountain. Once down the mountain back to Lucerne and into the fog with a little rain went to the Transportation Museum nice showing all type of transportation , trains, cars, motorcycles, planes and ships. Off for a walk to the city wall and the old clock tower but by the way of the chocolate store for a bit more chocolate. lol A stop for dinner on the way back to hotel at a Mexican restaurant for a beef and chicken flautas very nice.

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