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We've just arrived in Hervey Bay at our Backpackers, and we went quite a different way to get here. At one point we ended up in Maryborough, which Lynda and Andrew (Helen's parents) may remember is where we previously got lost in.

We were driving down the road from Rainbow Beach coming into Maryborough when we both said at the same time "I've been here before!". So there - it wasn't a back road at all, but the main road to Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach! (All 100km of it!)

We're also staying in a completely different part of Harvey bay! We're right in the town this time, so we think it should be fun. The Hostel is called "Fraser Roving", which sounds like a good omen.

When we checked in (for tonight and for the Fraser Island trip) the man said "Can you drive? Are you over 21? (!!!!)". Bugger! I think Gareth might be driving the 4x4 on Fraser Island! But we'll see ;-)

It's all good fun - things are going well.

Have a great time in your summer (even if it's hotter here ;o) )

See you in 6 weeks,

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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