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The valley

Sheep shearers

Looking back at the small lake

Walking up the valley



Old slate mine

Looking down into the old mine

Rescue helicopter

The sun shone so we headed out into the Snowdonia National Park. Again we were taking a route from the "1001 Great Walks" however after about a mile we found our route blocked by a sheep shearing team and because of the number of sheep, dogs etc.

We turned back to a junction of various trails and decided to take a trail further up the valley. This turned out to be an excellent trail and took us into the bowl of the valley. Here we found an old slate mine and an excellent place to sit and have lunch watching wild horses grazing.

As we started our walk back down the valley we looked up to see a rescue helicopter circling and then setting down in the next valley. As we watched the helicopter re-emerged and flew away.

The walk had turned out better than it had started and was very enjoyable.

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