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Noosa Heads

Noosa River


Noosa Park

Gareth less than impressed! Helen gets revenge!

Noosa Beach

The beach at Noosa

Noosa - and it's very hot!

Noosa town

Helen shops til she drops!

Aw Yeah!

So getting out of Brisbane was a relief. It's never let our fires, it's quite a plain city, but for some reason we always end up there, or find ourselves passing through...

The big improvement is the weather. Gone are the completely blue skies, but the temperature is definately up on WA. Those typical Queensland clouds are back though, but we've found that if you are close enough to the coast then they generally disapate.

As we've been in this neck of the woods before, we decided not to take the main "Highway 1", but instead to take the smaller, more rural roads.

The drive to Noosa is great - the weather seems to get better and better and the roads quieter all the time. The main reason why we went to Noosa was because Anthea (our friend from Sydney days) raved about it after her "holiday" here last Christmas. We thought it would be a great place to stop and have lunch, so that's exactly what we've done. It's clearly very stylish here and the shops all reflect that. Noosa Heads itself is a lovely beach and we spent some time in there, taking in the tropical beauty of the area. The East Coast of Australia is so different to the West (which is far more English looking!) and we're loving the total change around us.

After some well earned chicken, we move on again. We're shattered, after all the Perth flight took off at about Midnight and landed at 6am, but we lost two hours in the process crossing Australia's time zones.

We've got stacks going on in the next week or so - the last section of Australia is going to be quite hectic! Hopefully, by Friday 15th July we'll be over on Fraser Island for 3 days. That should be amazing, as we'll be with a few others in a 4x4, involving the various creeks and lakes that we've already seen. Because we're there for a few days we'll hopefully be able to get off the main circuit and check out the more unknown sections of the island - should be great!

Next week we're going on a sailing trip for three days around the Whitsunday islands. That should be amazing too. There is also a free dive involved in that.

Other up-coming excitement:

1770 (The only town in the world that is a number!)

Airlie Beach

Mission Beach

Magnetic Island / Townsville


Thailand also now beckons.

Things are getting exciting!

It is worth pointing out that we are now well and truly back on the "Backpacker Highway"! In Perth we met absolutely no backpackers - there aren't so many there - but we met stacks of Aussies and Kiwis! Over here however, it's all Irish and British... All the Backpackers Hostels just seem to be glorified pubs!! (WAHAY!)

Meanwhile - back on the road...

Lots of love Gareth and Helen x x x

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