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Dinner with Family

Friends -- Brother & Sister Choi (Bro Choi married us)

James & Cory Chung

July 4th Brunch with King families

We arrived at the Salt Lake City airport on the “new” time and were met by our beautiful niece, Cory. She and our nephew/her husband, Jimmy, are loaning one of their cars to us for our trip up to Idaho and back. She drove us to our motel and helped us check in and move our bags to our room. This is a very new (not even a year old) La Quinta that is very nice and has a decent breakfast included.

We rested for a couple of hours until Jimmy & Cory picked us up for a dinner in a Korean restaurant with some more of the family. The restaurant is also owned and run by the Mormon Bishop who married us in Hawaii 23 years ago. We had a great time seeing everyone. Julieann’s sister was supposed to be part of the dinner group, but wasn’t feeling well. Instead of letting her get some rest we decided that the whole group would go to her house, surround her bed and “talk story” for an hour. I’m sure she felt much better…….after we all left.

The following day Jimmy & Cory treated us to a nice dinner and we got to visit their apartment. The 4th of July was spent with in-laws, Tony & Susan, two of their sons and their families. We spent the morning of July 4th having a “brunch” at their home on their patio/lanai. What a gorgeous view they have of the mountains behind them. We’ve also been told that some of the Osmonds live up that hill overlooking their house.

That night we ended up at Cory & Jimmy’s place for a visit and then to Sizzler’s for dinner. We had to finish the night early because we’re driving to Idaho tomorrow. I didn’t finish the steak so that was lunch for the next day.

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