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The dark brown blurry blob near the trees is a bear! Truly!

Rocky(ing) on!

After a good night in our huge room (2 queen sized beds and still room to party), we were on the shuttle bus at 7.20 and on the train at 7.45. Sadly, there was no bagpiper this morning but there was a red carpet and waving staff to see us off. It was Toot! Toot! All aboard! and we were on our way!

We’d only been seated for a very short while when we were called downstairs to breakfast.

(A little aside: The train has two different classes - Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf.

Gold Leaf: Double storey glass roofed train with a separate, quite spacious downstairs dining room where half the carriage is served at a time. Meals are freshly cooked by onboard chefs.

Silver class: Single storey , solid roof with large picture windows, still with a viewing platform and with prepackaged meals served at your seat.

Cheryl and I upgraded and were in Gold Leaf.)

Breakfast was delicious (as have been all the meals). We were firstly served a berry smoothie and warm croissants followed by our choice from the menu - I chose eggs Benedict. This was all served with tea or coffee.

Tummies full, I spent the next few hours moving between my seat (which has all manner of controls on it - including a bum warmer) and our large, covered outdoor viewing area. The scenery changed numerous times throughout the day but, as we rose higher, it became more tree lined with snow appearing on the hills. The temperature also dropped.

The bar opened about 9.30 and all manner of drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, were available all day. There were some very happy people onboard!! 𯘉𯘀

At 12.15 we were back downstairs for the first sitting of lunch. Deliciousness overload! Again, we had numerous choices. I chose a mixed beet salad followed by chicken wrapped in bacon and served with a maple syrup jus, garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables. Dessert was apple and rhubarb crumble with ice cream - all served with warm rosemary bread and our choice of wine.

Shortly after lunch, we passed by the beautiful Pyramid Falls before settling back, climbing higher and encountering more mountains with snow covered peaks. Then, as we got ever closer to Jasper, the valley widened, the trees became more dense and the temperature dropped.

The reminder of the afternoon was filled with amazing views, lots of laughs and numerous snacks.

Plus!!! I saw a BEAR!! A real life wild bear!!!!! By the time I got the camera out, it was a black blur but, really believe me, it was a bear! 𯘀𯘀𯘀𯘀𯘀

The RM was a wonderful once in a lifetime trip! The staff, food, service and views were more than I had hoped for! I feel so fortunate to have been part of this trip.

Slightly sad to leave but there are many more adventures to be had in the 6 weeks ahead!

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