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400lb pig on #2

Local kids running down fairway to get our ball


Cruising in our cart

Overlooking 18 green

Had an opportunity to play Natandola Bay today - home of the Fiji Open and a course designed by Vijay Singh. While they plan to play the tournament in August and the views are spectacular (see pics), they still have PLENTY of work to do to make it tournament ready.

Highlights included the 400 lb pig on #2 tee box, the children who so kindly grabbed our tee shots from the green on #4 (par 3 hole) and handed them back to us when we arrived at the green and the locals on #5 fairway who were laid out by the left side bunker with their dogs selling "gently used" golf balls. Pretty funny.

On a somewhat related note, my playing partner ended up being an Aussie named Chris Brown. Today he is the CEO of Dixon Advisory Services in Sydney but in a prior life was on the healthcare team at UBS - the same healthcare team that did our deal with AdvancePCS in 2003! Anyway, we had a great time and he was kind enough to offer up a round of golf when we are in Sydney - may try to take him up on the offer, time permitting.

Starting to run out clothes so broke down and sent in $200 of hotel laundry - worth every penny as it has allowed us to travel lighter and with smaller suitcases. First world problems for sure.

While Yates and I were out golfing, Helen and Shea managed to identify a hidden Fijian talent - chicken wings. They polished off a few dozen and we took it to the room for a low key night watching Dolphin Tale 2.

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