Tom and Pam on a California tour Fall 2016 travel blog

Tom and I with Doug

Tom and I with KC

When we left Camarillo/Pt Mugu we set off for Corona, CA. That was our 1st day of real freeway driving. Tom remembered making the decision in his early 20s that he would never work where there was an hour commute. He lived in the San Fernando Valley and had to drive to Pasadena. They are not fond driving memories. We did have a little traffic backup and much construction but it kept moving and we arrived right on time.

Our stop in Corona, CA was for a visit with my mom’s cousin and his wife, Doug and KC - terrain runners. The Schweiter/Frace families don’t do a lot of visiting. Doug saw my mom a few times in Santa Fe when he was in the region for a run or vacation. I had lunch with Doug and KC in downtown Santa Fe about 6 years ago – don’t do a lot of visiting. Doug is 18 years younger than my mom and the middle of 3 sons of my mom’s maternal aunt. Mom’s family lived in Bethlehem, PA and Aunt Florence and Uncle Carl (Herr) and their 3 boys lived in Easton, PA so there was plenty of interaction. When my mom enlisted in the Women’s Army Corp in 1943 the boys thought she was so cool and on her return from Germany she shared a lot of stories – many of which Doug still remembers, saying they hung on every word. When my mom, sister and I lived in Bethlehem in 1963 and 1964 we lived with my grandparents and regularly saw the Herrs in Easton. And Doug was in the navy and stationed in Oakland when we were at Ft. Ord in Monterey so we saw him then too.

So we just visited, ate dinner, and visited some more. Doug and KC love to travel so there were lots of travel stories. Their home is beautiful and they are very easy to be with. Tom had never met them. Just a couple of photos to prove we were there. FYI Doug will soon be 78 years old. We only spent the night and headed for San Diego the next morning.

We will be/have been in San Diego for 5 days but we head home tomorrow – it will take us a 6-7 days – and I am not sure what kind of connectivity we will most likely be awhile before I get the San Diego trip done but I will try.

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