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OK. So here are a couple of photos of Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and another place we visited back in Wyoming – Devil’s Tower.

When we left our motel in Custer we were a bit worried that the weather still hadn’t cleared up enough. We were driving towards clouds. But, amazingly, they cleared when we were at Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

It then rained pretty much most of the way as we headed back into Wyoming.

A bit out of the way, but since we were kinda nearby, we went to Devil’s Tower. Again, it rained all the way there, but was clear when we got there. I have to say that we’ve been really fortunate with the weather. It just seems to clear up when we get to the site we want to see.

The GPS has been marvellous all this time. Well. Until today.

We were doing an overnight stop in a town called Gillette. The GPS kept telling us to Turn Right. Turn Right. TURN RIGHT. Firstly, some of those streets were one way (going the wrong way). Second, those that weren’t dead ends had a railway crossing across them. With a goods train that wasn’t moving at all.

And, to add to the stress, we were virtually out of petrol.

Rather than keep trying to find a street to ‘turn right’ over the railway crossing, we got petrol instead, Tamara asked the lady there how to get across to the other side of the railway line, given that a train was blocking the way. We got good directions and eventually managed to satisfy the GPS by getting over the railway line. Kept following the GPS directions and found ourselves in the industrial area of Gillette. Hmmm. Certainly no motels there.

What to do?

We headed back to the main road (from which the GPS had been persistently telling us to Turn Right) as there were lots of motels there. We ended up at the same petrol station and Tamara went in again to ask if the lady knew where our motel was. Yep, it was on the main road. We had driven right by it, but blindly obeying the GPS, we hadn’t seen it.

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