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After breakfast at the hotel I took a final walk around Placencia. It is a homey place. A lot of Americans seem to go there to drop out of life. We met the guy who owns our hotel. He's an old coger that still owns an animal hospital in Florida. He told us he has never worked so hard for so little pay in his life. You can start feeling sorry for him if you want, but I wouldn't. We saw him almost all of the time--morning, afternoon, and evening--sitting in the restaurant jawing with people, eating food from the kitchen, and occassionally telling an employee what to do. One of the workers, Pedro, was running himself silly as waiter, recreation equipment provider, ice vendor, and the guy who wrote the daily promotions on the chalkboard. Meanwhile, the owner simply sat in his chair and gave Pedro new jobs to do. Hm. I guess he works a little like my dad does. I don't mean Pedro.

One of the workers from the hotel took us in a hotel golf cart to the bus stop. There are only 4 buses out of Placencia each day. We caught the 12:45. It was packed pretty tight and, as always, we kept stopping for passengers to get on and off at any location along the road they happened to want to. We made it to Dandrige in about an hour and a half. I'm not sure what's in Dandrige other then the bus terminal, but that's all we were there for. The bus to Belmopan and Belize City began boarding almost as soon as we got off the bus from Placencia. It was even more crowded, but we made it work. All in all, it took us 5 hours by bus to get from the Southern part of Belize to the central part. I guess that's not so bad.

We checked into the hotel here in Belize City--same place we stayed when we first arrived. We walked to a cafe that was supposed to be pretty good. I got the shrimp curry which I thought was excellent. Basilio got a hamburger which he said was horrible. Guess that will teach him that you can't find In--n-Out just any place.

I have totally enjoyed Belize. It is not what I expected. A little more bleak. A little more expensive. A little less British and, I should have known, a lot more Central American. Lots of Mayan influence. Lots of creole people. But also, lots of beautiful country and gracious people.

We are on a flight home tomorrow, so I suppose this will be my last entry. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Blessings to you all.

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