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Canso Causeway

Atlantic Salmon Farm on Bras d'Or salt water lake

Coming down Kelly Mountain

Big Seal Island Big Bras d'Or Bridge. You can see some of...

Arm of Gold Campground

View of Bras d'Or Lake from campground

Nice sunny day today with temperatures in the low 60s for our drive to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. When we crossed the Canso Causeway taking us onto Cape Breton Island, Wagon Master Rod pointed out the mountain side dynamited to make the causeway. The Canso is the deepest causeway in the world at 217 feet. It replaced the ferry in 1955. It is 80 feet wide, 4300 feet long and needed 10 million tons of rock to fill.

As we traveled down the highway, we drove down the shoreline next to Bras d'Or Lake.(Arm of Gold Lake) It is a salt water lake and one of the pictures I took was of the lake and an Atlantic Salmon Farm.

Later we climbed Kelly Mountain which has an altitude of about 1475 feet. As we were nearing the bottom of the mountain there was a sharp hairpin turn. We then crossed the "Big Seal Island Big Bras d'Or Bridge. On the other side of the bridge was a small lighthouse and then the next right hand turn was into our campground.

We traveled 118 miles to the Arm of Gold Campground. It is a beautiful private owned campground with a nice view of the Bras d'Or Lake. That evening we had a potluck dinner in the clubhouse. Yankee RV provided the meat and everyone brought a dish to pass. The clubhouse is a barn but they have furnished and decorated it so cute, you feel like you are sitting in someones cottage. Before dinner we were entertained by three local people who played the fiddle and keyboard while they sang their traditional Gaelic songs and danced to the music. Two of the people have performed all over the world. They are very talented and it was a very enjoyable evening.

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