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Yesterday the park where we are staying had a drawing for two tickets to the Wings over Gillespie Air Show. We received a call while we were checking out the town telling us we had won. When we found out the airport was only a few miles away, we immediately chunked our Saturday plans and gratefully accepted the tickets.

Today after slathering on the sunscreen, we quickly found out the airport wasn't quite as easy to find but a quick check of the trusty smart phone got us back on track and we arrived as the first planes took off. We watched the parachute team float to earth and decided to walk around for a while checking out the booths and planes on display .

There were several planes on display...everything from bi-wings to WWII era planes to more modern era including a Tomcat, Intruder, a Vought Crusader, and a Russian MIG. They even had an Electra. The Electra was one of 6 built for Amelia Earhardt and this is the only one left. They also had what looked like a WWII camp set up with men in army uniforms from that era. Some of those re-enactors drove around in refurbished WWII jeeps.

The air show had the typical acrobatic flying, a trio of synchronized flyers, a wing walker, a rescue helicopter demo, and of course several WWII planes from the Commemorative Air Force. For the finale they put about 14 planes in the air who buzzed the field to set off pyrotechnics and chased each other like they were in a dogfight. It was interesting but not as good as the Denton Air Show we attended about 20 years ago.

With temps in the low 80s, there were times I felt like I was baking, but I guess the sunscreen worked because I only got a little sunburn. All in all it was a good day. The parking was free, the show was free. The only thing we paid for was bottled water and hot dogs...not bad.

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