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Denmark Fartplan

Arhus Denmark Beach Sculpture

Aros Musem

Aros rainbow

Aros Big boy 2

Aros Big boy

Arhus Beach Dump sculpture

Hirtshals Denmark lighthouse

Not enough fiber in Denmark

Viking Grave site

Our time in Germany was short as we headed north to Denmark. We spent a few days in the town of Aarhus which is the second largest city in Denmark. Denmark only has a population of about 6 million which is less than Arizona. We visited the the museum of modern art which had some very different exhibits but it was very interesting. A lot of interactive art like mirrored rooms and videos. One very strange exhibit was a complete horse, chopped up, and placed in bottles. I guess it was done in the sixties as a protest to the Vietnam war. This exhibit was a little too strange for us! There was also a special event of Sculpture by the Sea. Sixty different sculptures on the sand and in the ocean.

This morning we went to a Viking Museum and graveyard that dates back b.c. The Viking men were buried in mounds with rocks around the mound shaped like a boat.

Weather was warm for Denmark at about 70 degrees the last couple of days. That is cool for us but the Danes were out sunning themselves. The good weather has people in shorts and their legs are glowing white!! I guess we have a permanent tan living in AZ.. Tomorrow the weather is expected to be back to normal, about 60.

The people here are very friendly and a healthy bunch. Lots of runners and cyclists and a lot fewer smokers than in Germany where everyone smoked. It is very expensive in Denmark.

Tomorrow we take a ferry to Norway. We plan to visit Copenhagen on our return back from Norway and Sweden. Internet is becoming more difficult to find as we move farther north into less populated areas.

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