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We had a pretty easy drive across the state to Three Rivers where we will saw Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks. Three Rivers is really tiny. It is at the enterance to Sequoia. It is bigger than Prospect was but not by much.

We didn't know that Sequoia trees are as big as Redwoods. I believe it is a type of redwood tree. The trees on the coast are Coastal Redwoods which only live on the coast of Calif. The sequoia's can only live between 5000 and 7000 feet. Redwoods are taller, but Sequoia's have more volume (more wood).

While in Sequoia a black bear walked across the road right in front of us.

Sequoia is primarily big trees. King's Canyon is - you guessed it - a canyon. You go down from the mountain and follow the river through the one canyon into another canyon. Most of the park has no roads. It is the 2nd largest area in the contiguous U.S. without roads. So it will be kept a wilderness area. People hike into the area. You can hike for weeks.

Next we are going to Yosemite.

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