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Hi i only have small period before the boat leaves tonight so i main sending photos the first ones are unloading in Singapore then in the national park in North Vietnam, When i first hop on the boat in Singapore i was just in time to see then unload 3 -120 ft ,130 ton super boats and then for the next 2 days they where unloading steel, After leaving Singapore it was 2546 ks to the Haiphong roads in Vietnam where the boat is to large to go in to the docks so we unload into barges out in the national park The trip from Singapore to Vietnam was amazing for the anound of fishing boats wall to wall all of the way between the main land and a of shore island for about 90 old ks. their where set nets up to 20 ks long and about 1 k apart with a narrow cap in the middle for the larger boats to go Thur. How their is any fish left in the world i don't know' The people of this area of Vietnam can live their hole lives on the small boats and the barges as there where up to 30 bulk carries being loaded with fertilizer out in the Roads their was floating shops going around. The Haiphong roads are just like the Travel programs say they are 100's of small rocky islets,

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